Investing in intelligence buildings
How to deal with subquality in new buildings?

How to deal with in new subquality? Unfortunately, when real estate investors get laid them flat, all sorts of deficiencies are also sold as a supplement. We have all heard these unpleasant incidents, and in every way possible from their garden. First of all we would have been nice to look at the laws governing this area. Let us finally see what chemu. Stoit to immediately warn you that a lot depends on the agreement, signed by the buyer. Therefore, care must be taken in advance of the correctness of his design, and do not forget to specify in what state would give up an apartment. To help you in the future to require all previously stated. Defects should not be at all, because there are special regulations for construction (GOST, SNIP), and if they are not met – must be addressed immediately builders. The buyer is to find weaknesses in the different building, one can hope for from the articles of the law of consumer protection. It deals with the rights that come into effect in identifying deficiencies in the provision of services. Thus, relying on it, the buyer is entitled to: – the elimination of deficiencies in the work done, and free – reducing the amount of payment for the work – in the case of reimbursement, if the buyer removes the “cons” built on its own or through third order lits.Krome, the consumer may withdraw from the sale of the contract, when he sees the deficiencies are not eliminated by the Executive in due time. He is also entitled to claim damages from the builder in full. The same rules apply for joint construction. They are listed in the appropriate zakone.No in practice it is not easy. Often the few buyers who are really able to see these shortcomings. Many are used to purchase “bare concrete” and unnecessary red tape, they do not why. The most effective ways for disgruntled consumers is not agreed to sign an act of receiving housing. In this case, there is great hope that the problem is still the developer ustranit. Nuzhno noted that the market for new buildings we have not developed to such an extent as to easily remove all the “shoals.” While some consumers fill their hands, others should be willing to monitor these processes, so that in the future not to step on the same rake. But the behavior of our citizens is a minus, when the detection of various defects in new buildings, they prefer to put up with them, dodelyvaya “hole” on its own. Just this way and leads to poor-quality developers to perform their duties. You have to know that smart buyers with identified “outs” immediately go to court and win more such processes.